Apple Fitness+ Will Be Available to All iPhone Users

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Beginning on October 24, iPhone users without an Apple Watch will be able to subscribe to and utilize Apple Health+, the acclaimed fitness, and wellness program created to be accessible to all. Fitness+ will be completely integrated with the Fitness app and accessible in all 21 countries where the program is offered.

iPhone Users Can Access Fitness+

The full program, which includes more than 3,000 studio-style exercises and meditations guided by a great staff of trainers, will be available to iPhone users. Additionally, users will receive trainer instructions and interval timing on-screen, and success on their Move ring will track using projected caloric burn. After signing up with their iPhone, users may access Fitness+ on their iPad and Apple TV.

Time to Walk

Beginning with Hannah Waddingham, Fitness+ will present fresh episodes of Time to Walk. Time to Walk is a motivational audio experience for Apple Watch and iPhone that encourages people to go for walks more frequently. It also features some of the most well-known personalities in the world who share photos, music, and stories with Fitness+ members.

Yoga for every runner

Cross-training is important for runners because it may increase strength and speed while reducing the risk of injury. Designed with Scott Jurek, one of the best ultramarathon runners in the world, Fitness+ will present a new exercise program called Yoga for Every Runner for Fitness+. This program aims to improve runners’ posture, mobility, and balance. Users may combine every 10-minute Yoga flow with other Fitness+ programs or use it as a warm-up or recovery stretch. Similar to other Fitness+ studio workouts, some adjustments will help users enjoy the exercises at their own level.


To support users in pursuing their goals or finding inspiration, Fitness+ will present three new Collections, each of which contains specially selected content from the Fitness+ library:

  • The eight energetic exercises in Totally ’80s Cycling that can improve cardio fitness. A collection of music from the 1980s that is playing during every workout gives it the vibe of a party.
  • The Best Mindful Cooldowns for Athletes provide stretching exercises for the entire body. Moreover, the collection offers short visualizations to support players’ mental preparation for their sport and recovery after any athletic activity.
  • 14-Day HIIT and Strength Challenge provides 30-minute Strength and HIIT workouts. This collection motivates users to take their fitness regimes to a higher level.

Artist Spotlight with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s music will be a part of the service for the first time ever starting on October 24. A whole workout playlist is devoted to one musician. Taylor Swift’s music will play across all fitness categories on Mondays for three weeks.

Final Words

Apple has announced its new fitness tracking app called Apple Fitness+. The service will be available starting from October 24. Additionally, Fitness+ will present a brand-new Artist Spotlight series with Taylor Swift, a new program for your perfect workout, and Yoga for Every Runner. Moreover globally famous people who will share their experience in achieving their goals will be among the season’s guests.


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