Apple TV 4K 2022 – Review

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Apple has a large and devoted following. You should probably invest in an Apple TV if you enjoy watching Apple TV+ original shows, listening to Apple Music on your iPhone, and working out with Apple Fitness to track your progress on your Apple Watch.

Every three years, Apple releases a new model of the Apple TV, updating it occasionally. A new Siri remote, sleek, user-friendly menus, and excellent voice features are all included in the most recent design (Apple TV 4K).

Read on to learn whether or not the Apple TV is worthwhile if you’ve been considering purchasing one.

What is an Apple TV?

You can watch your favorite TV series and movies on an Apple TV, a streaming device that connects to your TV and lets you stream from applications like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney+. 

Apple TV vs. your smart TV

Nowadays, nearly every new TV is a smart TV, which means that it has one of the several operating systems (like Roku, WebOS, or Tizen) that enables you to stream movies from your preferred applications without the need for a separate device. 

However, the Apple TV offers additional benefits if you own an iPhone or other Apple products.

Apple TV, for instance, makes it simple for iPhone owners to cast music or movies to their TV. You can use it to access Apple’s fitness and gaming services. And it further enables the usage of your HomePod or HomePod Mini as TV speakers.

Should you get the Apple TV?

Apple’s set-top box is called the Apple TV. The newest Apple TV model includes a speedier A12 bionic chip, high-framerate HDR compatibility, and an updated Siri remote. The second-generation Apple TV 4K, released in 2021, is the newest model in the Apple TV lineup. Because it is still early in the product cycle, it is still a good idea to purchase one immediately.

Apple TV HD vs. Apple TV 4K

Currently, there are two different Apple TV models on the market. One is the $150 Apple TV HD from 2015, which supports screens with resolutions of up to 1080p, A8 CPU, 32Gb internal memory, HDMI 1.4, WiFi 5, and Bluetooth 4.0.

The second-generation Apple TV 4K will be significantly more future-proof and has practically all-better specifications than the first-generation Apple TV HD. It’s challenging to advise purchasing an Apple TV HD due to its age and weaker features, especially given that it is only $30 less expensive than the Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV review

To assist you in deciding whether to buy an Apple TV or not, we compared some of the features of the Apple TV 4K to those of the Apple TV HD.

Processor and remote

The two main upgrades from the hardware’s initial version are an enhanced processor and a new remote. Even though the new processor is unquestionably more powerful, the remote is much easier to use; the entire experience isn’t all that different.

The A12 bionic processor included within the Apple TV 4K is a definite advancement over the A10X processor that ran the Apple TV HD. The A12 chip often performs 10 to 25 percent better in benchmarks due to its slightly faster clock speed and better power handling.

The new Siri remote significantly impacts how the Apple TV 4K is used daily. With a longer, thinner body, revised button placement, and a touch-enabled clickpad rather than a featureless touchpad, it is more user-friendly, intuitive, and ergonomic. The remote may be purchased separately and works with the Apple TV HD.


The Apple TV 4K hardware is identical to the Apple TV HD hardware. Apple remained faithful to the 2010 block box design with rounded corners. The top is matte black with a glossy rear Apple TV logo, the sides have a mirror finish, and the bottom has a small circular standoff to make room for big vents.

Setup process

The Apple TV 4K setup is quick and easy if you have an iPhone. It comes to life with a language selection screen after you plug it in, connect it to your TV via HDMI, and configure it to the correct input. The Apple TV 4K asks users to continue setup with an iPhone once they select a language.

The remaining steps of the setup procedure are streamlined by using this option, which enables the Apple TV to collect your WiFi network information from through your phone Bluetooth.

Streaming performance

The ethernet port and WiFi 6 capability on the Apple TV 4K are excellent choices for streaming high dynamic range (HDR) ultra high definition (UHD) video. These elements produce a quick, fluid streaming experience when combined with an A12 bionic chip.

Apps load and download quickly, while menus and other UI (user interface) elements move smoothly to minimize buffering and slowness. Videos up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second can be output with the Apple TV 4K.


The Apple TV 4K is undoubtedly pricey, selling for $179 for the 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB variant. It exists in a world where you can get basic HD streaming for under $30 or 4K Dolby Vision streaming from a competitor for $50.

On the other hand, the Apple TV 4K outperforms its competitors in terms of processing power, offers a slick streaming interface, and it’s tightly connected with the Apple ecosystem. Nevertheless, none of these advantages can erase the reality that it is very pricey.

Final verdict

While the Apple TV is the best streaming device money can buy, it’s impossible to ignore the reality that less expensive options like Roku serve the same purpose. You’d benefit more if you use HomeKit, have an iPhone, or are tied into the Apple ecosystem. However, owners of the first-generation Apple TV can safely forego the upgrade and instead opt to buy the superb new Siri remote, which is compatible and available for purchase separately.

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