Apple Watch Series 8 and the New Apple Watch SE

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Author: Herold Smith

Apple recently revealed three new smartwatch devices that range widely in terms of capabilities and cost. There is the Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Series 8, and the specially designed Apple Watch Ultra for harsh environments. 

How do they differ from one another? Let’s dive deeper by looking at the apple watch series 8 and the new apple watch SE.

Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE

With its cutting-edge temperature sensor and sophisticated capabilities for women’s health, the Apple Watch Series 8 offers best-in-class health features. It also has crash detection for serious auto accidents. The updated Apple Watch SE offers Apple Watch functionality for a base price.


The Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple watch SE is available in two sizes (40 and 44mm for the SE and 41 and 45mm for the series 8). While the Series 8 is made with aluminum and stainless steel, the SE is exclusively made of aluminum material. 

The 45mm stainless steel Series 8 watch weighs 1.8 ounces. In contrast, the aluminum model is lighter, weighing between 0.9 and 1.4 ounces.

The Apple Watch SE is available in black, white, or silver finishes. The Series 8 also offers stainless steel models available in graphite, silver, and gold, while the aluminum ones are in red. 

However, numerous wrist straps in various designs are made of silicone, nylon, and other materials that can be used with the SE and Series 8 watches.

Sounds and Microphone

Although you can often connect Bluetooth headsets with a smartwatch to enjoy music or converse with people, smartwatches aren’t the best devices for these activities. 

Nevertheless, all two Apple Watch models have built-in speakers and microphones for calling and using the entertaining walkie-talkie functionality. In the specifications, Apple mentioned that “microphone” and “speaker” are present in both the SE and the Series 8 devices.

Health and Safety Features

Apple series 8 and Apple watch SE can help monitor your heart rate and keep tabs on your menstrual periods. They can also alert someone if you have an accident. 

While the SE offers heart rate monitoring, the Series 8 also provide blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, and temperature sensing. 

Series 8 also offers retrospective ovulation predictions that can be used to determine when you’re most fertile.

The two Apple Watches have crash detection, which lets you ask for assistance or inform emergency services and acquaintances if you’re in a car accident. The cellular variants also enable dialing for international emergencies.

Navigation and Activity Features

Whether you own a cellular model, these Apple Watches support the well-known and most prevalent L1 GPS signal for tracking you.


Undeniably, Apple is offering different Apple Watch levels for various customer categories. The Apple Watch Series 8 is the standard model. It has the most features for iPhone users who want all Apple can reasonably give but aren’t extreme adventurers or athletes. The SE is the entry-level model of the Apple Watch. It is designed for kids and elderly family members who might gain from a few functions. 

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