AT&T Delivers the Network Performance Gamers Crave with New NVIDIA GeForce NOW Deal

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Author: Luciene Cooper

New and existing AT&T 5G customers will receive a special 6-month subscription access to the recently launched NVIDIA GeForce NOW Ultimate membership.

What’s the newest version?

As an early supporter of cloud gaming technologies, AT&T teamed up with NVIDIA with the goal is to launch a fresh GeForce NOW promotion in 2023. This initiative provides gamers with a free six-month Ultimate membership.

Gamers may boost their gameplay with the cutting-edge capabilities of the platform, thanks to the extension with NVIDIA. 

For the first time, 240 frames per second can be achieved in cloud gaming, and you can use the power of the AT&T network to beat your rivals.

What’s Special about the Initiative?

Last year was the first time the NVIDIA GeForce NOW promotion was offered to 5G consumers. Now, the offer will be available to even more people. 

People who use AT&T services can qualify, starting from January 19. To be eligible, you must be an AT&T 5G customer, either new or current, with a compatible 5G device and a suitable limitless 5G rate option. Depending on how busy the network is, AT&T may potentially reduce data speeds.

Additionally, the new deal includes the fastest premium Geforce membership as a bonus. The latest Ultimate level offers the lowest delay in cloud gaming. 

Additionally, when combined with AT&T’s quick, dependable, and security provider, gamers will enjoy a gaming experience that beats most local games. The membership also makes history by streaming 4K at 120 frames per second to ultrawide monitors.

Why is it important?

Now, gamers seek functionality. Thanks to cloud gaming; they may continue playing games on mobile from where they finished on a PC. Using GeForce NOW Ultimate, they can launch any of the 1,500 games on the devices they currently possess.

This new option not only gives gamers the freedom to play virtually almost anywhere and up to 120 frames per second on mobile but also improves their gaming experience. You will have access to the fastest servers, more extended session periods, the greatest resolutions, and the highest frame rates while playing on the best NVIDIA RTX cloud graphics.

What should gamers expect in the future?

The work is still in progress. GeForce collaborates with NVIDIA as the unique 5G Technical Innovation Collaborator. They want to know what gamers want most from their cloud game system and engage with other network providers. This cooperation is part of AT&T’s goal to establish itself as the most outstanding connectivity provider in the country by offering people a seamless AT&T experience.

Final Words

By teaming up with NVIDIA, AT&T offers a special six-month GeForce NOW Ultimate membership to 5G customers, both new and existing. This promotion is available starting from January 19, to provide gamers access to the best cloud gaming experience with the lowest latency, highest frame rate, and 4K streaming capabilities. To take advantage of this deal, sign up for an AT&T 5G plan with a suitable unlimited 5G rate option. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get the most out of your gaming experience. 

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