Disney Networks, ESPN, FX and ABC Stations Restored On Dish Following Handshake Agreement

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You can now watch your favorite Disney networks on Dish, following a handshake agreement between the two companies. This includes ESPN, FX, and the ABC stations.

This is great news for Disney fans that were worried about losing access to their favorite networks. Dish and Disney have been in a contract dispute for months, but it seems they have finally reached an agreement.

Overview of the Collaboration and Restoration Agreement Between Disney and Dish

This new agreement restores ESPN, ABC, and FX to Dish’s programming lineup. It’s a big win for Dish customers, who were vocal in their displeasure at losing those channels.

Dish has been extremely tough in its talks with content providers, and as a result, blackouts and the possibility of blackouts have become frequent occurrences on the service in recent years. Disney and Dish were involved in a dispute regarding FX and Nat Geo, shortly after Disney sealed acquisition of the previous Fox networks. It was claimed that those channels were removed. Nevertheless, they are back under the general Disney contract.

When the two businesses couldn’t agree, Univision’s programming on Dish was suspended for several months, and in 2018, HBO had its first-ever blackout on the platform. In 2021 Dish and HBO reached a new agreement before the station could be restored.

Furthermore, the satellite provider has had local channel blackouts due to conflicts with Nexstar and Scripps, with Sinclair just surviving one last year.

What Does This Mean for Dish and Its Customers?

Disney networks have been restored on Dish following a handshake agreement. This means you can now watch ESPN, FX, and ABC stations again. This is good news for Dish subscribers, who can now continue to watch their favorite Disney shows without interruption.

Dish has also agreed to carry the upcoming Disney streaming service, which is set to launch in 2019. This means that Dish customers will be able to watch all the new Disney movies and shows as soon as they become available.

So overall, this is a win-win situation for both Dish and its customers.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Dish?

With Disney back on its platform, Dish now has a massive portfolio of channels to offer its customers.

This is a huge relief for Dish, as the company was facing a potential blackout of some of the most popular channels in the country. But it’s also a win for Disney, which can now rest assured that its networks will be reaching the widest possible audience.

What Can Customers Expect in the Coming Weeks?

Customers can continue watching their favorite shows without interruption. In addition, Dish has agreed to put the Disney-owned networks back in its programming lineup starting on December 18th. Both sides have expressed happiness with the deal, which is a win-win for everyone involved.


After a long and arduous negotiation process, it was announced that Disney networks will be restored on Dish starting at 5 pm ET. This is great news for all fans of ESPN, FX, and ABC stations, who were facing the possibility of having to switch service providers.


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