Eldercare Has Given Funding Increase for COVID-19 Protection

Eldercare Has Given Funding Increase for COVID-19 Protection

The Federal Government still prioritizes care for elders. Thus, a boost in COVID funding.

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Author: Britany Holland

Even though the fear of the COVID pandemic has already eased, there are still active cases. However, the Federal Government has efficiently increased funding to support eldercare. 

Furthermore, the government is providing more than $840 million additional funding to support aged care providers, covering the pandemic-related expenses. 

There is also a boost of about $35 million dedicated to onsite PCR testing in aged care homes. 

Basically, it is an additional funding for the COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program, which is initially the government program that effectively supports cost reimbursements, workforce assistance, and personal protective equipment. 

The additional funding is a part of the $1.4-billion package designated for COVID-19 response measures. After all, eldercare needed help from the government because of the active cases. 

The Covid-19 Aged Care Support Program

Initially, the COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program was set to expire on September 30. 

Thanks to the increase in funding, the program extends for extra months. The government COVID-19 response measures will now last until December 31, 2022, unless the federal government tries to support it again with additional funding. 

The total additional funding for the COVID-19 response measure is $1.4-billion. 

Besides the $840 million dedicated to funding the aged care providers and $35 million dedicated to onsite PCR testing in aged care homes, other budget concentrates on these:

  • More than $235 million budget is saved for providing PPE, RATs, treatments, and other supplies dedicated to aged care, primary care, and disability care.
  • More than $115 million budget reserved to efficiently supply rapid antigen tests for care recipients and service providers in high-risk settings, primarily in aged care facilities. 

No doubt, the extension is initiated b the government to support the most vulnerable group in the country, the elders. Even better, the additional funding will also aid frontline health and aged care workers. In short, the funding will benefit countless people to ease their worry about COVID-19. 

Recent Covid-19 Report

Based on the latest report, COVID-19 still exists, which is proven by the number of active cases. 

As of September 14, there were 1,654 active cases from the 270 active outbreaks in residential aged care facilities. 

As for the specific numbers, 406 are the facility staff, while the other 1,248 are residents of the said eldercare facilities. 

Since September 7, there have been 1,580 new active cases combined among staff and residents. There are also additional 40 resident deaths. Nevertheless, the numbers are lower compared to the peak of COVID-19. 

The Federal Government still treats it as a severe pandemic. Thus, the primary reason for the funding. 

Final Thoughts 

With the news of the funding increase for COVID-19 protection and support, it shows the Federal Government continues to focus on the response measures to the pandemic. 

Simply put, the attempt to eliminate the virus while managing the pandemic is a long-term strategy that goes along with other government programs. 

Indeed, many opportunities are lost because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why it is good news to know that the government consistently provides support to get through it. 

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