Facebook Pay Review: How Does It Work?

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Author: Natalie Bright

Facebook Pay offers a simple and quick payment method for you to make purchases via Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, but for zero fees.

If you are interested in this innovation, then continue reading to find out how you can start using Facebook Pay today.

What is Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay is a money transfer platform that facilitates transfers between businesses and customers allowing users to safely transfer money through Facebook, its website, and all Facebook-owned platforms. 

How Does Facebook Pay Work?

Customers on the Facebook platform can use the Facebook Pay service automatically on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Portal. 

Here is how it works: 

  • Sign in:

Customers can use Facebook Pay across all Facebook-owned platforms once they set up their Facebook Pay account. Once you sign up, Facebook Pay will appear as a payment option in the checkout process. Also, users can navigate to settings and select Facebook Pay as their default payment option.

  • Enter your Payment information

This is where users will fill in their bank account details or payment card information. This process is seamless; you can pay for products, contribute donations, and send money to your family and friends in a couple of minutes.

Facebook Pay Fees

Facebook Pay is free for both customers and businesses. Customers using Facebook Pay to buy products from social media sites, make donations to causes, or transfer money to family and friends via messenger, won’t be charged for any transaction.

As for businesses, sellers using the service will also pay zero fees for credit card usage. 

All Facebook Pay transactions go through your regular payment processing service. So all transaction fees come as your credit/debit card processing fees. 

  • All Facebook Pay transfers are free.                                                                              
  • Facebook’s customer base is high, so there’s a large number of potential customers for businesses.                          
  • You don’t need the recipient’s banking information to complete your transfer.                                       
  • The ability of users to buy products directly through social media allows businesses to give companies more room to optimize conversion.                                                                                               
  • Once you select your payment method, Facebook Pay will no longer require payment or bank details for transactions. 
  • Transfers must be funded and received through a credit/debit account.                                                  
  • Currently, only transfers within the United States are supported.                                                     
  • Facebook Pay, unlike PayPal, doesn’t have a time-tested track record and is relatively young in the online payment solution space.                                                                                                
  • You can only change your currency preferences on Facebook Pay once in three days.                                      
  • Facebook Pay does not offer bank-level insurance on its transactions, and some payment issues may result in a complete loss of funds.

Is Facebook Pay Safe

Facebook Pay, like most other major payment processing platforms, has numerous trustworthy measures in place to protect user information and privacy. They

  • Payments and purchases made through Facebook Pay will not appear in your feed or profile.                                
  • Customers’ account data is stored separately from payment information. Also, payment information and methods are hidden from sellers and merchants unless you authorize them.                                                        
  •  24/7 active customer support is available to report any suspicious and unauthorized account activity.                      
  • There’s anti-fraud monitoring software to alert you of malicious actions taken on your account. Furthermore, you can opt to receive notifications whenever a payment is confirmed.


Making payments through Facebook Pay is simple and free, but bear the risk of a data breach in mind, as over 160,000 Facebook accounts are hacked every day. Being unlucky can cost you large sums of money and time to even attempt tracking your funds.

So if you are skeptical about the security of Facebook Pay, consider using a time-tested online payment platform such as PayPal or Venmo.

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