Hurricane Ian is Approaching Florida and is Feared to Bring Major Damages

Hurricane Ian is Approaching Florida and is Feared to Bring Major Damages

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Author: Brittany Holland

Hurricane Ian as a major storm only means one thing: danger. With close monitoring from the Miami-based National Hurricane Center, it has been observed that it is getting stronger to the point that it is predicted to cause major damage. Because of that, prompt evacuations are made to prepare for Ian’s wrath. 

As part of Ian’s wrath, Florida is about to face perilous storm surges and winds, which can be as strong as 140 mph. That’s entirely possible since it has maintained winds of 85 mph. With that being said, the fear of Hurricane Ian rapidly intensified into a major storm. As it strengthens, it moves toward western Cuba. 

According to the forecasters, as Ian hits Cuba, it brings outrage in the form of high and strong winds. The predicted result is that the storm can raise water levels by as much as 9 to 14 feet which is higher than the normal tide levels. Meanwhile, Florida is expected to experience a slightly less severe storm effect. 

But for Tampa Bay, Hurricane Ian is considered a storm of a lifetime because of the direct hit predicted when Ian made landfall. From the said predictions of the storm result, Hurricane Ian is genuinely a storm to fear and be prepared for. 

Hurricane Ian triggers fear after a quiet summer

Just like Hurricane Ian, a hurricane watch is issued 48 hours before storm conditions arrive, j The same happened to Hurricane Ian as well. It was announced that it was approaching Florida. Thus, the residents still had little time to prepare as some even utilized the free sandbags to add stability to cars and trucks. 

When it comes to numbers, Ian is the fourth Atlantic hurricane of 2022. So far, close observation and monitoring have been a great help. As for the hurricane experts, Ian is a piece of more substantial evidence that even a one-time bad storm is enough to upend residents’ lives with a menacing approach. 

From the expert’s insight of the National Hurricane Center’s acting director Jamie Rhome, it only takes one land-falling hurricane to make a bad season. That statement is already enough evidence from the expert that a hurricane is adequately powerful that it can ruin more than expected. Obviously, preparation is a must. 

Residents of Florida track the storm closely 

With the early news about Hurricane Ian, all eyes of the residents of Florida are already focused on tracking the storm. Of course, along with that is the close monitoring of the potential path. 

The experts advise residents to have an emergency plan. As for the latest predictions, it is safe to remain off Florida’s western coast. 

So far, Florida’s western coast is not safe as Ian is moving north towards the Panhandle. As it progresses, it delivers drops of heavy rain along the way. 

Base on speculations, the expected heavy rain can make up to 8-10 inches in central western Florida and 15 inches in local areas. At the same time, homes are expected to get whipped by the storm surge and strong winds. 

According to the National Hurricane Center, Ian causes a risk of life-threatening storm surges, heavy rainfall, and hurricane-force winds. That’s regardless of the monitored track and intensity of Hurricane Ian. 


As Hurricane Ian made it to the headlines, residents had started preparing. In fact, it was reported that grocery shelves have become empty in northern Florida as shoppers stock the needed supplies. People lined up in grocery stores in preparation for Ian. 

The good thing with early news is that residents are left with enough time to do more to feel at ease with Ian. Well, good preparation is never wrong, especially if lives are at risk. Ultimately, it is better to be very prepared rather than be sorry, as a bad strong can destroy lives. 

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