US lawmakers strictly warn Apple about using Chinese group's chips in new iPhone

iPhone Users’ Safety: US Lawmakers Warns Apple about Using Chinese Chips

From US lawmakers' perspective, using Chinese components is a "playing with fire" issue that will soon backfire on Apple

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Author: Brittany Holland

The possibility of Apple utilizing the controversial Chinese memory chips for the new iPhone 14 has sparked concerns for US lawmakers. 

In fact, it is more than just concerns; the said possibility regarding Chinese components pushed US lawmakers to warn Apple that it will have to face intense scrutiny once it uses the Chinese memory chips in iPhone 14. 

But why do US lawmakers make too much of a big deal, and how did they confirm the possibility of Apple using Chinese memory chips? Let’s dive into it. 

Media reports Apple would add Yangtze Memory Technologies Co to its list of suppliers

According to the Republican vice-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Marco Rubio, and Michael McCaul of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of Republicans, they were alarmed about Apple using Chinese memory chips when the media reported that the company would add Yangtze Memory Technologies Co to its list of suppliers. 

Judging from the name, Yangtze Memory Technologies Co is a Chinese supplier. In particular, it provides Nand flash memory chips, which are generally used on smartphones as their data storage. What makes the report bad for US lawmakers is that the Chinese companies have issues regarding security risks. 

Because of the alarming issue of security risks, US lawmakers warned Apple about its decision to partner with Yangtze Memory Technologies Co for the memory chips of the iPhone 14. 

US lawmakers said it is unacceptable for Chinese companies to infiltrate telecommunications networks and millions of Americans’ iPhones. 

Apple’s connection to Yangtze Memory Technologies Co

Of course, the US lawmakers’ warning reached Apple. Apple responded that it would not use Yangtze Memory Technologies Co memory chips on all its products, including the new iPhone 14. 

Even though Apple included YMTC on its list of suppliers, it is because it plans to evaluate sourcing the Chinese company’s Nand chips for iPhones to be sold in China. 

Apple claimed they are not considering using the YMTC memory chips in iPhones for sale outside China. The company further stated that memory chips from Yangtze Memory Technologies Co guarantee full encryption, so Apple sees no issue with it. However, Michael McCaul claimed that YMTC has extensive ties to the Chinese Communist party. 

Because of the comment by Michael McCaul, it is believed that the Chinese Communist party and military can access the information of millions of Americans if Apple should seal the deal with the Chinese company. Thus, the reason for high concerns about Apple’s connections with Yangtze Memory Technologies Co. 

The criticisms of Apple’s connection to the Chinese company led to a tougher road for China to secure cutting-edge technology. US officials stood their ground that China is a threat to data security, which didn’t let them have second thoughts about warning Apple. 

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, it is quite shocking to hear reports about Apple even considering having connections with Chinese companies in any form. According to tech experts, it is a surprise that Apple considers such decisions, especially since the industry has already banned many Chinese companies.   

What fears US officials about partnering with Chinese companies is that some important data may fall into the wrong hands. Unimaginable consequences might happen considering that advanced technologies can do might be stoppable. It will be no surprise if US lawmakers push the plan further to reduce reliance on foreign companies.

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