The 3 Best Mortgage Lenders in America

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Author: Lea Jackson

There are several types of mortgages with distinguished terms. Fees and the length of the closing process varies, depending on the bank. While some banks prioritize a quick preapproval procedure, others could provide veterans or current clients discounts. 

We evaluated various lenders to create and came up with lists of the top mortgage lenders in America. Before we arrived at our result, we examined four key areas: the borrower’s ability to obtain a loan, loan options available, affordability, and financing timeliness.

1. Chase

Chase is one of the leading mortgage lenders due to its low-interest rates, lending options for customers with lower down payments, and very quick closing times. For some current clients, Chase also provides relationship savings in the form of lowered processing costs and cheaper rates.


  • Affordable low down payment loans
  • Certain loans have broad credit and income conditions
  • Discounts for existing borrowers and clients who finished a loan education program


  • USDA loans are not provided by the lender
  • Hawaii and Alaska don’t have home lending advisors
  • Chase doesn’t provide home equity loans at the moment, and new HELOC applications are stopped.

2. Flagstar Bank

Both online and in its branch locations in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin, Flagstar Bank offers all the popular types of mortgage loans. Some of the lender’s loans have reduced minimum credit score criteria. This is useful for people getting their first house mortgage or those who are trying to improve their credit.

The lender also provides some discount programs, such as incentives for regular clients, current military personnel, and veterans, as well as discounts for borrowers whose employers have business ties with Flagstar.


  • Available both online and offline
  • Offers reduced mortgage rates
  • Rent and utility payments are assessed as alternative data
  • First responders, military members, veterans, and others are eligible for discounts


  • Not all states have branch locations available

3. PNC Bank

This bank offers a variety of mortgage options, including specialized loans for borrowers with low and moderate incomes. This is available in all 50 states.

PNC provides Home Insight, a cutting-edge online service. It gives clients a thorough understanding of the home purchasing process, allowing them to calculate the monthly mortgage payment they can afford and begin house hunting with real-time rate estimates and loan choices. 

The client might also include real estate agents in the process to keep track of everything.

Additionally, PNC provides borrowers with a completely digital pre-approval application that may be applied online and approved in a matter of minutes.


  • Low requirements for minimum credit score
  • Short preapproval process
  • Available both online and offline
  • Various discount plans are offered
  • Effective digital assistance for current clients


  • Provides no loans for renovation


We looked at some of the biggest lenders in terms of volume. We evaluated lenders according to factors that have a significant impact on the price of the mortgage, such as borrower eligibility standards, loan alternatives, and loan factors that may influence the house purchasing process.


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