Veterans Find Relief From Nightmares With NightWare and Apple Watch

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Author: Perez Clark

On Monday, November 7, Apple released a press release describing the effects of its Apple Watch-NightWare tech on veterans struggling to find relief.

In this post, we’ll look at Apple’s new “PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) watch,” its workings, and stats representing the numbers of veterans benefitting from this tech. 

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Veterans Find Relief From Nightmares With NightWare and Apple Watch

What Is NightWare?

NightWare is a digital therapy system that works with the Apple Watch and iPhone to eliminate PTSD-related nightmares from ruining the wearer’s sleep. 

NightWare is the first and only digital therapy system specially purposed to aid with nightmares that the FDA has approved.

Interested public members should be aware that NightWare is available by prescription only. 

Tyler Skluzacek developed the original NightWare system in 2015. Mr. Skluzacek’s father had recently developed PTSD, and he was studying computer science at the time. 

Fearing the effects of PTSD pills, he turned to technology to solve his father’s mental struggle. He based the system’s concept on how service dogs gently stimulate their owners to help wave off a nightmare. 

Shortly after creating the prototype, Mr. Skluzacek encountered NightWare’s current CEO, Grady Hannah, who cites Apple as an integral part of the system development.

“We needed a reliable security audit to obtain FDA approval for Nightwear,” she said. “Because it runs in the Apple ecosystem, the security and quality of its products helped us in getting the clearance,”

How Does NightWare Work?

NightWare collects information from the Apple Watch’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart rate sensor to identify the onset of a nightmare and immediately disrupt it using haptic feedback. 

It does that by sending gentle pulses down the wearer’s arm, increasing the frequency until they are knocked out of the nightmare, but not from sleep.

To activate NightWare, the user presses the Apple Watch’s start button, which gathers information from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart rate sensor to perceive nightmares as they begin. 

When the user gets up in the morning, they press the stop button to deactivate the NightWare program. 

Does NightWare Work?

Robert Guithues is familiar with Prazosin – he included it in the 30 pills he took every day after returning from Afghanistan. 

He relied on those prescription pills to help with the “injuries, PTSD, and intense nightmares” he experienced in and out of action.

However, he believed deep down that those 30 pills did more harm than good. He sought a better solution to drugs, striking gold in 2018 when he came across an article highlighting NightWare and its benefits. 

Mr. Gutihues consulted his doctor, urging him to clear a prescription for a kit that included an already-programmed, ready-to-use Nightwear iPhone and Apple Watch. 

He now claims to be indebted to NightWare for healing his mind and reducing his medication dependence by half. 

“The horrific sights from the war kept on repeating themselves in my dreams, but since I started using NightWare, they’ve all stopped, he said. When I wake up, it tells me it disrupted 25 nightmares, sometimes 30 times in my sleep. I’ve reached the point where I no longer remember the nightmares.”

Final Word

As we speak, NightWare is being used by 400 veterans in the United States. With 98% being active duty military members. 

One new study from the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine shows that individuals using NightWare 50% of the time reported increased sleep quality than participants who relied on pills entirely.

“I would encourage every veteran struggling with nightmares to try NightWare out. Your Psyche isn’t meant to process the things you see in the middle of a war, added Guithues, who served in the Army for over 20 years, retiring in 2012. My story is proof that NightWare can make your life different.”

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