World AIDS Day 2022: DCHC to Provide Free Confidential HIV Testing

World AIDS Day 2022: DCHC to Provide Free Confidential HIV Testing

DCHC partnered with Gilead Sciences to provide free HIV testing on its mobile medical unit

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Author: Britanny Holand

Do you know your HIV status? 

Well, you need to because it is important to know your health status and protect it. 

Now that we are already nearing World AIDS Day, it is a great time to start reflecting on ourselves with awareness and respect. Every first December of the year, the people who lost their lives to AIDS-related illnesses are celebrated. 

Besides getting tested, it is a wise and respectful way to commemorate World AIDS Day. Simply put, it is a commitment and support of those with HIV.

As for this year’s commemoration of World AIDS Day, there’s a theme that emphasizes the importance of action and accountability to end HIV. 

Because of that, a lot of effort is planned for it, and that includes the partnership of DCHC with Gilead Sciences to offer free, confidential HIV testing. 

That’s why there’s no excuse not to take a role to help with the public health response to HIV. Getting tested is more beneficial than we might imagine, after all. 

Let’s go deeper into the importance of HIV testing.

Why You Should Know your HIV Status

In reality, it is vital to talk about HIV testing, not just during World AIDS Day. Getting tested is the best way to check your health and save yourself from the HIV threat. 

As for patients with HIV, early diagnosis saves them to the point that they can have the best possible health outcomes and treatment options. Thankfully, there are now newer, more effective drugs that make the disease more manageable. With that being said, knowing your HIV status is the way to appreciate the actions to end HIV.

Interestingly, no matter what your result is with the testing, you will benefit, as you will be introduced to additional information about HIV prevention and treatment services. 

In fact, you’ll know how innovations in HIV care and treatment can help individuals with HIV enjoy healthier and longer lives. 

Even though cases of HIV do not seem to end because of stigma, discrimination, and other social factors, the consistent commitment to end it will surely make a significant difference down the road. 

With the importance of HIV testing, it is vital to commemorate World AIDS Day since it is a chance to take advantage of free confidential HIV testing—just what DCHC will offer. It is just like a reminder that everyone must act in their own little way to keep the world safe from HIV. 


While you think you can’t do much for World AIDS Day, getting tested and promoting it to others is already a big action that can help end HIV. Definitely, complying with an effort to commemorate it, like the offer of DCHC, is a sure way to appreciate the special day. Don’t miss out on the chance to have free, confidential HIV testing to be aware of your status. On top of that, you can also contribute to combating HIV-related stigma. 

All you need to do is keep in touch with DCHC to know all the information about free HIV testing. 

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